Back to Basics.

August 22, 2011

Moved (partly) into my new house in Sheffield on Wednesday night. We had to go searching for a duvet and an under sheet for my bed though.

Me thinking I have amazing memory of the house I’ve been to once, thought there was a huge  24/h Tesco just down the road. Yes I was sort of right, there was a big Tesco; not 24 hours mind or as big as I thought.

So we had to drive to the nearest 24/h Tesco or supermarket. Asked one man, who looked like the older version of the little kid from Up with glasses, ‘you go left’ whilst he pointing right. As you can tell this took a while.

We found a Tesco that we had been driving past on the next road down for over 40 minutes.


My room is amazing, well I think so anyway. The house is pretty expensive compared to the others on the street as it has been plastered and modernised, and I say its worth it. It’s so homely.. yay!

I contemplated taking my laptop up to Sheffield, but I knew I had to bring it back on the train along with lugging all my clothes and hairdryer back. I knew we had no TV or Internet so I thought a few days of solitaire would do me well. I decided to ‘sack’*as it wouldn’t be worth the effort.

*Sack – a term Dave introduced to me, something we also said an awful lot whilst being in the house, meaning to leave the idea or task to do we have just said as it causes too much effort. A word that, even if you do not know the meaning, you will understand the general jist of what is meant.

Whilst we were there, we literally had only each others company to entertain ourselves.. and a pack of cards. This led to many attempts at trying to be Dynamo and some terrible ‘magic’ tricks… but some great shuffling tekkers by Dave.

Just lounging around all day and talking about life was like a little relaxation holiday. Even though that’s what I usually do at home, I just don’t get told of for doing so. Score!

I was going to come back on the Thursday night so I could have gone on a night out at home, as most people we knew were out as it was A-Level results night. That failed due to a timing issue with trains and eating at Weatherspoons.

We had a nice lie in, and walked down Eccy Road in the day. The Friday night we both planned on going home. This was the night I expected going back on before I came up.

We ate out again and The Harvester thanks to the arrival of Laura, Amy and Chelsea (and her car). We ended up missing the last train again.

We both wanted to sack a night out, and fancied getting bevved in the house, so we did. We decided that the next day we should just get up, pack and then go, and not stay for dinner as that’s where we usually go wrong.

We went to bed about half 6 in the morning and got up about half 2, not too shabby i’d say. We went to get lunch from the not 24/h Tesco around the corner. I saw the Botanical Gardens and we decided to have a picnic there. It was so pretty!!

We were in there for 2 and a half hours looking at the pond, the bear pit and mainly the squirrels. You can tell we are the usual type of 19-year-old cool kids…

The squirrels were eating peanuts out of Dave’s hand. And I do have to say, that was the most eventful thing we did in the past few days, even so the whole time we were up there was one big chill. Heaven.

We got back and chilled again, when we should have really been packing. Thought we’d get the bus to the train station, but we had just missed the last bus into town. Dave was going to miss the last train to Hull, so we got a taxi with 5 minutes to spare. We finally got on trains home, miracle.


Over the 4 days I’d spent in the new house, I realised that; I bruise easily, the old lady next door isn’t deaf and hadn’t died, I’d spent most of my time horizontal, Dave has an odd squirrel love, the house is amazing, next year is going to be class and that I’m just one plain weirdo.

Riots in Wolverhampton

August 8, 2011

There have been rumours of riots in Wolverhampton,

Reports of violence kicking off in Wolverhampton City Centre’

Riots/looting have been said to be on Bentley Bridge Retail Park as well.
People have been saying Nandos in Wolverhampton has been looted.

It has not been confirmed so are only rumours.

With reference to the last post; the riots in Birmingham have said to have started at about 7pm.


West Midlands Police report that there is little or no disturbance in Wolverhampton’

Police say there are no riots in Wolverhampton or Coventry contrary to the rumours.

I am only writing up what I am reading on a live stream from a local newspaper, so it is all in one place. This the majority of what has been said.


Express and Star article on the riots today (09/08/11)
Shops are shutting early as a precaution in the town centre, and at Walsall town centre.
Working at Hawthorne Hotel in West Brom have been sent home by police.

Wolverhampton Bus Station is now closed. Over 2o arrests have been made so far.

Most of the windows on Litchfield Street have been put through. Phone shops have been looted, No.1 Pizza, Royal Bank of Scotland, TA Henn Jewellers, Job Centre, Burton and Coral have had the windows smashed and some looted.

This is on a much toned down scale compared to that of London and Manchester, and even Birmingham.

West Midlands Police are asking people to avoid the areas.

Latest West Midlands Police update.

Image from Twitter, by MOTH

Link to a video from a Twitter user in Wolverhampton.

So about 40 people are causing this trouble, and the observation being that most of the people are about 13/14 year olds. Now the number has increased to 200-300 causing disturbance.

They should be tucked up in bed for a start, they probably don’t even know the amount of trouble they are going to get in, or the amount of destruction they are causing.

35 people have been arrested in Birmingham linked to the rioting. 6 of them are youths.

Police has surrounded the  Bullring so that hasn’t got affected as of yet. Reports have said police are guarding the Children’s Hospital and the rioters have been diverted away by the police.

No public transport in or out of Birmingham with many roads closed. Transport may be effected for the next day or two.

Primark is on fire, Tesco at Five Ways has been hit, attempts of breaking into the Children’s Hospital.
Hollister, House of Fraser, Aston Villa shop, Jack Wills, JD Sports all been looted.
Santander has been looted, with the cash machine being brought out.

It does quieten down with people walking down, but then re-alights again.

And reports of the London riots are that it the riots have broken into a 30 mile radius of Tottenham.

It seems that Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook, also BlackBerry Messenger has helped to arrange the rioting.

*Children’s Hospital has not been attacked, and Primark has not been on fire*

Looting of the Adidas shop earlier:

I am only writing up what I am reading on a live stream from a local newspaper, so it is all in one place. This the majority of what has been said.