The Royal Wedding

April 29, 2011

My initial thoughts on the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate, or as we now need to call her Catherine, were that we’re going a bit over the top.

Red, white and blue coloured jewellery are on sale in department stores, a rosette with Will’s and Kate’s face on, an (awful) American movie adaptation of their story of falling in love. George Micheal doing a cover version of Stevie Wonders hit ‘You and I’, trying to cash in on the publicity the wedding has. Just plain silliness. The traditional memorabilia  of a tea towel and cup & saucer will do fine.

The exaggeration on Kate ‘the commoner’ marrying the 2nd in line to the throne. She is not a commoner at all. Her parents own a company worth an estimated £30 million and she went to a boarding school, Marlborough College, that currently costs just under £30,000 per year to attend.

All this frustrated me, we don’t live in a patriot society like we used to decades ago. Yes it’s a big occasion for Britain as they will probably be the future King and Queen of England, but we don’t usually care.

I had to watch the wedding though as it is history in the making, with an estimated 2 billion viewers in 180 different countries receiving media coverage of the wedding. They knew the pressure was on.  Everything went perfectly and the anticipation of The Royal Wedding was matched by its outcome; Kate’s elegant but simple dress, she looked stunning, no rain as anticipated, the 2 kisses on the balcony, Prince Harry’s banter to his brother. I was wrong, it was worth being OTT.

Been rushed off my feet trying to finish my multimedia report, which I’m not a fan of, but was the best I came up with in the little time I had left myself. With 10 minutes until my brother arrived to pick me up from Sheffield, for me to go home for a month, I had little time to pack. To add to this mix, I’m going on holiday in 4 hours.

I’ve wanted to go holiday shopping for my 10 night trip to Florida with the family and my brothers girlfriend. As I’ve had all this work to do, I havent had the chance… or I overslept. So with me shoving everything I could find off the floor into all the bags and suitcases I had at university, I had to face the 2 hour journey back to Wolverhampton absolutely shattered.

2 lots of washing in and the main bulk of my clothes are in the dryer and my suitcase is practically full already. This brings me to now. It is 2.50 am, I am going to be woken up in 3 hours and 10 minutes. I didn’t have a good nights sleep last night; with a 3 hours nap, then waking up at 6am to do work for 3 hours then another 3 hour sleep.

We are travelling to London Gatwick Airport for our flight at about 12pm, with a ‘large taxi’ taking us on the almost 3 hour trip. Once we get there, it’s the usual wait of  3 hours then we hop on a plane heading to JFK airport in New York. That plan will take about 8ish hours with a stop over time of 4 hours. We are going to leave the airport and get 2 separate taxis for a 30 minute ride into NYC to see the sights for about 40 minutes, as we have to be back 2 hours
before our next flight.

The next flight will be heading to Florida, our destination. This flight will take about 2 hours, with the taxi to our Villa taking about an hour extra. We arrive at a time I cannot keep track of due to time zones and the amount of travelling.

I have no idea why I decided it would be a good idea to write a blog post, after my hectic day, with another long day ahead of me travelling. The excitement will kick in when we get to the airport I hope. Soo glad I’m going on this holiday though, really wanted it!

Money Grabbers

April 11, 2011

I heard on Twitter this morning from a Perez Hilton tweet, that Rihanna and Britney are collaborating together. This point is fair enough, but its a collaboration on a remix of  ‘S&M’ by Rihanna.

This song was controversial enough, with practically every sentence being about sex or an innuendo. Now to rinse all the money they can out of the song, the number one males and females crush Rihanna, is remixing it with the number one crush of the 90’s who’s just got back on form. Everything is based on looks, and little on musical talent.

Fair play to them, they know how the music business works in the mainstream. But instead of reusing an already recent song, make a new one, give something more to the fans instead of something they have practically heard before.

Link to MTV article.