Riots in Wolverhampton

August 8, 2011

There have been rumours of riots in Wolverhampton,

Reports of violence kicking off in Wolverhampton City Centre’

Riots/looting have been said to be on Bentley Bridge Retail Park as well.
People have been saying Nandos in Wolverhampton has been looted.

It has not been confirmed so are only rumours.

With reference to the last post; the riots in Birmingham have said to have started at about 7pm.


West Midlands Police report that there is little or no disturbance in Wolverhampton’

Police say there are no riots in Wolverhampton or Coventry contrary to the rumours.

I am only writing up what I am reading on a live stream from a local newspaper, so it is all in one place. This the majority of what has been said.


Express and Star article on the riots today (09/08/11)
Shops are shutting early as a precaution in the town centre, and at Walsall town centre.
Working at Hawthorne Hotel in West Brom have been sent home by police.

Wolverhampton Bus Station is now closed. Over 2o arrests have been made so far.

Most of the windows on Litchfield Street have been put through. Phone shops have been looted, No.1 Pizza, Royal Bank of Scotland, TA Henn Jewellers, Job Centre, Burton and Coral have had the windows smashed and some looted.

This is on a much toned down scale compared to that of London and Manchester, and even Birmingham.

West Midlands Police are asking people to avoid the areas.

Latest West Midlands Police update.

Image from Twitter, by MOTH

Link to a video from a Twitter user in Wolverhampton.

47 Responses to “Riots in Wolverhampton”

  1. Lawless Britain Says:

    I have heard there is problems at bentley bridge an heard of localized trouble within Wolverhampton city centre

  2. Jem, Jenna and Jade Says:

    OMG I am at home right now and i am so scared, and suprised. I don’t really live near Bentley Bridge so that isn’t so bad, but so many innocent people do not deserve to be hurt!!!!! So upset!!!!!

  3. ben Says:

    its bullshit i live rite nxt to bently bridge and theres no one to be seen apart from to gloryfied traffic wardens patrolling on there bikes

    • master Says:

      Its a load of rubisshhh theres no riots in woloverhampton and homebargins is not on fire at all it’s a bunch of lies don’t belive

  4. anon Says:

    just walked through town at 11pm and 10 youth were stood by the moth all hooded and masked up.
    all quiet apart from that.

  5. fairy Says:

    jus went past bentley bridge i didnt here nothing

  6. :) Says:

    is bentley Bridge ok then ? im hearing things about nando’s . home bargains . etc ?

  7. Fazz Says:

    Yeah I live in lowhill and hav a good clear view at town and there’s fuck all goin on

  8. WV Says:

    some stuff starting in chapel ash and merridale road.just stuff bein thrown around by a couple of drunk kids. apparently bushbury has been hit by the bb hooligans.dunno tho…

  9. jaskaran Says:

    Great hampton street police quarters has been set a light iv seen the fire with my own eyes. Just a white van abandoned right next to front doors of the building. Both doors to the van have been left wide open. This part of wolverhampton is like a ghost town can’t hear a single car or see a person can’t even hear police or ambulances.

  10. sindell Says:

    does anybody no if its going to start in wolverhampton or bentley bridge ? i dont want to be takin my kids there if its all going to kick off ?//

    • Louise Says:

      I have heard the following places have been smashed up in wolverhampton: bus station, Beaties, Jd sports. I have also heard that ASDA has been closed in wolverhampton. Mobs are also hitting St John’s retail park. Is this true? can someone please let me know?

      I am currently in Walsall (at work) and businesses are closing down for the day (its 3:30pm). Asda has been looted and staff sent home. Retail parks have closed down also. Riot vans are in full use.

      Mobs are now robbing people in broad day light, anyone from joe bloggs on the street to Tim on the bus. Be careful folks and continue with the updates

  11. It’s come as no suprise to me and to be fair, if riots have kicked off in wolves then it wont be the last! They will spread the country. Martial law anyone? lol

  12. michelle Says:

    is wolverhampton bein shut at 4 incase of the riots?

  13. paul Says:

    walsall looks like its ready to go off loads of police dogs and copers every were and people wearing masks

  14. Katie Says:

    whats going on ? heard loads of people on facebook talk about wolvo n the shops bein shut down has there been any riots there yet?

  15. Amardeep Says:

    Wolvo town is now shut! Phone shops r puttin thick pieces of wood on the inside of the stores on the windows nd doors. Police are blocking most things. Quite a few hooded males/females there. It didn’t feel safe. My mom called me to go nd pik her up. Word of advice DONT GO THERE! Now a helicopter is flyin over town! And dudley road has closed.

  16. s.cole Says:

    just been shoping at bentley bridge the are no riots going on there just loads of shoppers

  17. s.cole Says:

    my daughter works in wolverhampton city centre and they have closed her office as a precaution

  18. nico Says:

    i live in willenhall, just heard sirens non stop for the last five minutes… it kicking off somewhere??

  19. leet Says:

    the traffic on the ring road in wolvo has come to a stand still there are a few kids trying to be hooligans but not much else goin on….. why should what happened to mark duggan effect the rest of society!!!! obviously he was up to no good and how can this man be innocent if he was carrying a fire arm……. so for all you stupid good for nothin no hopers get a life and stop trying to break the law and put innocent people in danger.

  20. nico2708 Says:

    the kids of today just need the slightest excuse too cause trouble, it does my head in

  21. JKHL Says:

    can anyone let me know hoe bad it is because i have got to pick my mother and father in law up from the coach station by carvers later on. not sure if it would be better to try and collect them from the motorway

  22. Ghostdancer Says:

    Police have warned hospitals to be warned in Wolverhampton

  23. city update Says:

    large amount of police about in wolverhampton earlier some idiot turned a table over and threw what looked like a teapot at the police before the police made a rush at them about 250 or so people gathered. Lets wait n see whats to happen next.

  24. Stan Says:

    Many roads closed ion Wolverhampton City Center. High police presence, shops damaged (one on fire). Avoid the City center if possible.

  25. Wolverhampton Says:

    Just rang asda wolverhampton, they have closed until tomorrow due to riots.

  26. Sean Says:

    hopefully this wont last to long.

  27. JKHL Says:

    has anyone seen any trouble outside of the city centre?

  28. Sean Says:

    5 riot vans just went screaming into town so something is going down never seen something go by so fast

  29. Wendy Says:

    hello anyone ,
    i used to live in wednesfield my parents still do. could someone please tell me exactly what is going on in wolves right now ive read lots of disturbing stuff.
    cheers… wendy

    • Sean Says:

      there is no trouble there at the moment hopefully there wont be, it is all in town at the moment so don’t worry to much ill keep you up to date as i find more out

  30. nico2708 Says:

    wendy,,,just been too bentley bridge too pick up my father in law, there are plenty of police about but it looks pretty peacefull at the moment

  31. Sean Says:!/video/video.php?v=10150259071131776&comments this shows the ammount of people up wolverhampton not long and the bang is a firework thrown into the crowds

  32. susan Says:

    the police have always been scared. when there,s trouble abroad help is given. trouble here no go get our troops home and and get other countries to help us instead. should have lisened to enoc powell he wanted them out but trouble is they are born here and if you say anything oh they shout racial disscrimanation. i was born in wolves so i know what it,s like

  33. kim Says:

    my daugther is at bently bridge gym can any one say what is going on

  34. kelly Says:

    hi my stepdad is due to be picked up from bescot near walsall about 10ish should i risk going to pick him up let me know thanks

  35. Wendy Says:

    just come to say a big thank u for putting my mind at ease :)

  36. leah Says:

    apparently the molinuex is on fire

  37. Sean Says:

    is it true there currently doing st johns shopping area in wolverhampton?

  38. Let’s really do all we can to not get upset with the kids who do not really understand what they are doing or what this is about. If they do too much random destruction, the police state will really become legitimized there. I do feel sorry for the people who are working and trying to survive this recession and even law enforcement that merely wants some economic security. As an educator and through tools of divination, I have been repeatedly shown that with especially even with violent kids, if you can approach them in a non-judgmental way and say “Hey, things are so messed up right now, I’m so glad that you are doing something… but these are not actually the people or institutions that make sense to go after. The best revenge you can have is to learn how to manage yourself and obviously you are smart to see something is wrong… so go change it with your good deeds and ideas.”

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