I’m Down

June 29, 2011

I haven’t made a post in a while, but I’ve been down and have nothing interesting or happy to write… not like this will be interesting or happy.

I’ve just realised when everything seems to come together, begin to seem good and a future is possible, everything just crumbles very soon afterwards.

Meh, life doesn’t seem that great at the moment. I’m missing my life in Sheffield and people I feel completely comfortable around, people who look out for me.

I have no money to get away from anything, or do hardly anything so I’m relying on good weather so I can go for a walk… like a dog.

Yes, I’m going on holiday to Ayia Napa for 10 days very soon, but it’s costing an awful lot of money and in all honesty, I’d rather have spent the money on 2 short city breaks to somewhere in Europe, and just merge in with the culture.. but that’s never going to happen due to clashing interests with friends.

I want to meet a new group of people and get to know them well, have some memories with them, but that is so easier said then done.

In other words, I need a job.




And I need a chance. Just one and I’ll be more content in the knowledge of having a go at it… a long overdue chance I believe.