Might as well

May 9, 2011

I always see competitions on TV and think, I’m never going to win that, so I never apply.

Recently however, I’m going competition mad and just applying to practically everything. Other people must have the same view and think that they have no chance in winning and not bother, but that works in the favour of  the people applying as fewer people would have given it a shot.

It started with an email from the railcard company saying they’ve teamed up with a travel agency and to celebrate, are giving someone the chance to win a holiday to Australia. All I had to do was enter my email address and railcard number. It wasnt going to send me spam emails of offers and the like, as I already had them, and they were pretty rare anyway.


I also have been applying for internships for the summer with the BBC. I know they will have thousands of applicants and so I have little chance at gaining one, but if I don’t apply at all then there is no chance what-so-ever of me obtaining one.

MTV UK have a competition called ‘win my fees’ which means they will pay for one persons university fees for a year if they give the best answer as to why their fees should be paid for by MTV. Little effort was needed, as there was a limit of 50 words to say this in, so it was worth a shot.

I’ve applied for more things – as long as they required as little effort as possible as I’m lazy – as winning could change my life; by changing my outlook or through career purposes. All that would come around by writing 100 words or filling out a form with my name and email.

I think the reason why I’ve decided to do this, is because I really want to get some work experience or do something useful with my summer this year. I’m fed up. I’ve been searching on the internet for any opportunity to do something different.  And with most of these internships or competitions for people in education, during university, I need to act now.

My brother won a competition by just texting in a song name. The University of Birmingham joined with a travel company and they were giving away £1000 worth of flights (an around the world trip) to the winner. He travelled the world for 6 months with his girlfriend the following year.

Around the world

Obviously that would change someones life, experiencing so many different cultures and being that independent for 6 months. He just entered thinking ‘what the hell’, and he never thought he would win… but he did.

I wish I had his luck. Moral of the story, you have no chance if you don’t give yourself a chance. Could be the best 5 minutes you’ve spent, n’aww.