Yes it’s as terrible as it sounds. I never thought about having my purse stolen before, but the amount of information that is in it, is rather a lot.

My driving license, my railcard, my national insurance number, my debit card, my Boots card and my student card were all in there.

Replacing them will come to an awful lot; £20 for the driving license, £26 for the railcard and £10 for my student card. All equaling money wasted, money which I do not have!

As well, my Boots card had £6 worth of points saved up on it… that’s 2 concealers worth! Genuinely gutted.

I wouldn’t have minded if the guy took the money out of it as there was only £8 in it, but its the hassle of waiting around for all these new cards. Pure effort.

I’m not being sexist and jumping to the conclusion that a male took my purse; 3 phones were also stolen last night and my friend saw the person who was doing it.

This person now has my address, my photo, my date of birth, my full name, my national insurance number and my university student ID. One knowledgeable bachelor, and fraud on its way.