So about 40 people are causing this trouble, and the observation being that most of the people are about 13/14 year olds. Now the number has increased to 200-300 causing disturbance.

They should be tucked up in bed for a start, they probably don’t even know the amount of trouble they are going to get in, or the amount of destruction they are causing.

35 people have been arrested in Birmingham linked to the rioting. 6 of them are youths.

Police has surrounded the  Bullring so that hasn’t got affected as of yet. Reports have said police are guarding the Children’s Hospital and the rioters have been diverted away by the police.

No public transport in or out of Birmingham with many roads closed. Transport may be effected for the next day or two.

Primark is on fire, Tesco at Five Ways has been hit, attempts of breaking into the Children’s Hospital.
Hollister, House of Fraser, Aston Villa shop, Jack Wills, JD Sports all been looted.
Santander has been looted, with the cash machine being brought out.

It does quieten down with people walking down, but then re-alights again.

And reports of the London riots are that it the riots have broken into a 30 mile radius of Tottenham.

It seems that Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook, also BlackBerry Messenger has helped to arrange the rioting.

*Children’s Hospital has not been attacked, and Primark has not been on fire*

Looting of the Adidas shop earlier:

I am only writing up what I am reading on a live stream from a local newspaper, so it is all in one place. This the majority of what has been said.