Back in the day, aye.

April 11, 2011

I was watching ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ on Sky Movies the other day. It got me thinking.

It is about three 40 year olds and one of their sons (they find this out later in the movie) going on a quick getaway after one of the men failed to commit suicide. They get the this place, where they went 20 something years before, which was a busy party place, but is nothing like how it was back then so they thought it would be an awful vacation. Hot tub goes crazy due to some illegal energy drink and they end up back in time to when they first visited, 1986.

I’ll get to the point, one of the men from our time was talking to a girl who lives in 1986 who he wanted to see again, the conversation goes like this…

Guy: “Can i text you later?”
Girl: “Can you what?!”
Guy: “Are you online at all?”
Girl: “I have no idea what you’re saying.”
Guy: “How do I get a hold of you?”
Girl: “Come find me.”
Guy: “That just sounds, exhausting.”
They were at a ski resort with hundreds of  other teenagers roaming about, which would make it very hard to just meet up without any arrangement. This is the part that got me thinking…

Back in those days they actually had to meet like that, “Come find me” literally meant ‘Come find me’. You couldn’t have relied on a quick Facebook chat to check where someone is heading later, or a text to ask if someone wants to do something as you’re bored.

Yes this is very 21st century of me to say, but we rely on social media so much. Being at university I often get homesick and just seeing a maximum of 140 characters on a tweet from someone back in Wolverhampton makes me feel a little less lonely. A quick visit on the website of my local newspaper, and a gander at my friends photos from the night before are a weekly occurence. For lent, people give up Facebook… that says a lot!

In 1986, I would have to of written to people’s houses at home to know what will be going on, and that wouldn’t give me half as much detail as Facebook gives me. It would have taken about a week to start a conversation, from when I write the letter, posting it, the letter arriving at its destination and then the receiver doing the same back. Mind blowing I tell you.

“Back in my day…” is the phrase my mom loves using and yes, things were very different back then as I’m sure we all can tell, but social media has just developed alongside the new technology. People back then would probably not have benefitted the same amount as my generation as they wouldn’t have needed Facebook to meet up with people, they would have seen them around most likely. My mom tells me “well when I was young we didn’t go on expensive holidays like you, we couldn’t afford them”. That’s because times change, and now there are cheap flights to Ibiza for £6 or the Eurostar going straight to Paris, people are travelling due to the easy access so the people you know are not all in the same place, hence why social media has developed, so we can keep in contact with the people we know who have migrated to different countries, or different areas of Britain.

I know! All this thinking from this one fictitious comedy, which I do recommend for a few laughs.