The Royal Wedding

April 29, 2011

My initial thoughts on the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate, or as we now need to call her Catherine, were that we’re going a bit over the top.

Red, white and blue coloured jewellery are on sale in department stores, a rosette with Will’s and Kate’s face on, an (awful) American movie adaptation of their story of falling in love. George Micheal doing a cover version of Stevie Wonders hit ‘You and I’, trying to cash in on the publicity the wedding has. Just plain silliness. The traditional memorabilia  of a tea towel and cup & saucer will do fine.

The exaggeration on Kate ‘the commoner’ marrying the 2nd in line to the throne. She is not a commoner at all. Her parents own a company worth an estimated £30 million and she went to a boarding school, Marlborough College, that currently costs just under £30,000 per year to attend.

All this frustrated me, we don’t live in a patriot society like we used to decades ago. Yes it’s a big occasion for Britain as they will probably be the future King and Queen of England, but we don’t usually care.

I had to watch the wedding though as it is history in the making, with an estimated 2 billion viewers in 180 different countries receiving media coverage of the wedding. They knew the pressure was on.  Everything went perfectly and the anticipation of The Royal Wedding was matched by its outcome; Kate’s elegant but simple dress, she looked stunning, no rain as anticipated, the 2 kisses on the balcony, Prince Harry’s banter to his brother. I was wrong, it was worth being OTT.