Osama bin Killed

May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden has been killed by American special forces. Many people have said that this will be the demise of al-Qaeda, ‘the base’ as it is translated,  as it’s ‘cut of the head of the snake’, but I’m not too sure.

Yes bin Laden was the figurehead of most of the terror attacks over the last 2 decades, so the man who is organising these attacks being dead should result in them ending. From what I’ve learnt in A-level Psychology, especially the Criminology aspect, is that the actions of someone who has had so much fame with be imitated.

Osama bin Laden has many loyal followers, followers willing to kill themselves so operations will take place. Just because he has died doesn’t mean these people will not lead a life the way he has taught them. They will probably be a backlash from these people, causing a lot of terrorist attacks in the short-term, as their leader has just been murdered.

But in the long-term, someone will see the opportunity to have the same power as bin Laden and therefore have the same fame. This will mean that  al-Qaeda will try to prove that they are stronger than ever, so that the American forces are shown that no-one can stop them.