Napa 2011

Napa 2011

A 10 day holiday to the hottest place I have ever been to, is never a good start for someone who hates the heat. I think the perfect holiday for me would be a nice visit to Iceland.

It was just under 30 degrees at night, every night. The pool was hotter than I had my shower, as the heat and humidity never dropped low.

We found a nice little spot on the grass by the pool for our sunbeds, as it got all the wind from the sea that was close by.. I didn’t moan so much then!

I was skeptical of this holiday to start with as we went to a Zante last year, a party holiday similar to this one, and I knew I’d be comparing the two constantly. But at the end of the holiday they were so different in many ways.

Ayia Napa has a lot more bars and clubs, the clubs are on a larger scale and there is so many more people. It was just packed which made it impossible to find anyone if you lost them.

Last year we went for a week in Zante, but we went for 10 days this time, so our holiday was a lot more relaxed. We had a really nice hotel and the rooms were rather large for the 3 of us in each.

We were split up, with 2 rooms together in the same block, and my room in another block the other side of the hotel. The hotel reception must have loved us with the amount of  ‘can you put me through to room 1801 please?’ or ‘sorry, can you call 1803 please?’ and then they fixed the phone so that we could call directly. Peace at last.

I had a really good time, and it was pretty eventful. I think we went for the right amount of days, where we went out some of the nights, stayed in on others playing games and watching Fort Boyard in French on one night… yes we are extremely like all  other 19 year olds.

I still realise that even though Wolverhampton has been a city for years now, I get so excited and surprised when I meet someone from there on holiday.

I loved meeting all the random people and hearing about how they know some people from uni or from home, small world aye?



And of course there was Jo-jo, the hotel entertainment man who’s 26 and is on placement at Panas (our hotel) to complete his masters degree in Hotel Management and Tourism. He’s from France and played football with George Elokobi from Wolves.

He liked my freckles and wanted to marry me, or have his babies.

The holiday consisted of; many drunken nights out, a few drunken rows, lots of waiting around for my room to get ready, a hospital visit and a drip, sick still outside my room for a week before being cleaned, corn on the cob, the STI pool, permanent marker, henna tattoos of each others initials, cotton ponies, morning debriefs, vodka cranberries, quad-bike ride home, nips out, smuggling tic tacs, Mr. Green Light and the constant comparison of tans.

Bring on the next one I say!