Money Grabbers

April 11, 2011

I heard on Twitter this morning from a Perez Hilton tweet, that Rihanna and Britney are collaborating together. This point is fair enough, but its a collaboration on a remix of  ‘S&M’ by Rihanna.

This song was controversial enough, with practically every sentence being about sex or an innuendo. Now to rinse all the money they can out of the song, the number one males and females crush Rihanna, is remixing it with the number one crush of the 90’s who’s just got back on form. Everything is based on looks, and little on musical talent.

Fair play to them, they know how the music business works in the mainstream. But instead of reusing an already recent song, make a new one, give something more to the fans instead of something they have practically heard before.

Link to MTV article.