I am utterly in love

May 24, 2011

with Sweet Baboo.

Sweet Baboo is the alias of Stephen Black. A man from North Wales.

I sort of stumbled upon him on Spotify by looking at related artists and more. Then Wikipedia-ing the one band and came across ‘The Bumblebee Song, aka, How I’d Live My Life’.

I couldn’t find this song on Spotify, so I listened to his other material. True they’re is only 16 songs, but they sum up my taste in good music. Folk/indie and just mellow. The Sweet Baboo’s voice has got the right amount of uniqueness, gravelly and deep put perfectly on tune. I just love him.

There isn’t a lot of information on him, but an article says he has released albums in his own house, with help from other talented musicians.

In my opinion, here is a taste of the best Sweet Baboo:

My favourite: http://sweetbaboo.bandcamp.com/track/if-i-died-would-you-remember-that-you-loved-me

I see they are going to Leadmill in Sheffield. I am there!