As this is my 10th blog post, I would like to mark this momentous occasion with a thankyou.

Thanks to all the people who have read my blog so far and the viewers who have tweeted me on Twitter with their comments too.  I really appreciate those of you who retweet my links on Twitter, as that really does widen the viewing audience.

I set out for this blog to have a theme, and I thought it would sort of mould itself into one. I guess the theme is current affairs and my thoughts maybe?

It’s just a blog, the theme can be: a blog. Simple.

So I first thought it would be hard to write a blog. I didn’t want to start a blog moaning about how my life is, or whats going on in my love life, nobody would find that interesting. I don’t mind if there’s an odd post on someone’s blog about that, but a blog needs more substance than that I believe.

I’m quite happy carrying on with what I am blogging about, and I will continue this when my module stops. So can you all carry on tweeting me with your responses, or comment on the blog itself.

Thankyou, and goodnight!

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