The family holiday started by me being told over the phone. I acted a bit like this..

I was excited to go to Disney and see the night time parade, eat frozen bananas on sticks, see Miami Ink and go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I’ll have to explain the house we stayed at. It was like an episode of MTV Cribs. Okay, it was only on one floor and it didn’t cost even a 10th of what they do on the show, but it was so much better than I expected. We scurried around the house to find a games room with a snooker table (or pool, I can’t be bothered to find out the difference), an air hockey table and a fussball table. The beds in the master bedrooms were not beds, they were 4 moulded together. They would be useful when we try to squeeze 3 of us in my brother 3/4 bed, but unfortunately one of these wouldn’t fit in our house. We all had a TV and DVD player each, my room had a computer and one of the brothers had a PS2 with games. The bathrooms had lights around the mirror like in a theatre dressing room. Plus we had our own pool with a jacuzzi and equipped with toys.

The House

We started with Disney. The Disney in Paris has the moving floor escalators that you get to walk on for miles, with the music playing and the characters on the walls which builds the excitement. We had the choice of monorail or boat, so we chose the boat.

I don’t know what  I was expecting, the last time I came to Disney World Resort Florida, I was 7. I just wanted the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you’re a child, excited over the little things. I just didn’t get that. Maybe it’s due to the fact I’m 18 years old, or the fact that Disney World isn’t as ‘magical’ as the one in Paris. The park just seemed dated. You hardly got to see the characters and the rides were nothing special.

The brains behind the idea of turning Cinderella’s castle into a ‘princess makeover’, is a genius. With the girls getting their hair done with glitter in it and a dress of their favourite character. The dresses started from $75 and increased from there. What parents can deny their little girl of being a princess for a day? It’s not like you go to Disney every week. They must make a fortune, so fair play to them.

The night show at the castle has improved. The castle being lit in different colours and pictures of visitors at the park were shown on it, which was a nice idea. The firework display was better than anticipated.

disney night time show

We took a trek down to Miami Beach, a 4 and a half hour drive. I wrote the directions down for the Father to follow, the end destination was Miami Ink – Love Hate Tattoos. After most of the journey, 221 miles, on Florida’s Turnpike, we entered The City of Miami.

Miami Ink

Miami Beach was one of the whitest sand beaches I have seen, and it’s so huge! The walk around it was beautiful with the palm trees and the art deco buildings. Contrasted with my Dad wearing a hat put on backwards with his sunglasses on constantly claiming he was ‘cool’.

In the evening we went to St. Petersburg pier and saw dolphins in the sea. Driving back we had a really nice view of The City of Miami in the final stages of a sunset. All the while back I listened to B.o.B. – Lovelier Then You none stop, must have been my holiday tune. I was rather surprised as well to here so much English music on the radio stations, The Script, Adele, and even a glimpse of Newton Faulkner in one of the shops I went to.

View of The City of Maimi

Most of my family suffer from travel sickness, and therefore never go on rides. Going to theme parks and always being the only one wanting to go on rides but never want to que up on my own means I miss out. This holiday however, we had my brothers girlfriend who likes rides too. So whilst the Family went to watch Shrek 4D in Universal Studios, we went on a ride that made my Mom feel ill just watching.

Universal Studios is always good because it has The Simpsons simulator ride, which I love. As a park on the whole, I prefer the one in Los Angeles as it has more to it, especially the tour of the working studios where we get to see the sets of movies and Wisteria Lane, home to the TV show Desperate Housewives. The advantage of Orlando’s Universal Studio’s is the fact that Islands of Adventure is right next door.

I didn’t really know what was in the Islands of Adventure theme park, except for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter the Hulk ride which I was advised to go on. The rides were really good here and the areas around the park meant that there was always something to do. I just wish we spent more time here in the daylight as after Harry Potter Land, which we went to first once we got in the park, it went dark.

Harry Potter Land

Harry Potter, as much as it scares me, thanks to Voldemort and the creepiness that has stopped me watching the movies after the 5th one, I was mainly excited to come here when I got told we were going to Florida. The whole world that has been created seems like it would be really good to live in, and it didn’t disappoint. Mandrakes were moving in shop windows, portraits were talking to each other and moving into new frames so realistically, and Moaning Myrtle was, well moaning, in the toilets.

The main ride, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, was  in Hogwarts and had the biggest que ever, and I contemplated if it was worth waiting, but my gosh! Yes it was. The que took you on a tour of Hogwarts, through Dumbledore’s office, into The Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom where holograms of the 3 main characters speak to you, and into the main hall with floating candles and the talking hat telling you the safety points of the ride.

As I’ve already spoke of my admiration of The Simpsons ride, this was similar as it was a simulator but also on a track so you’d move around a lot more. It was very clever. You started with escaping Hagrid’s dragon in a simulator, followed by a fight with the Whomping Willow Tree. Then you were spun into a simulator and then spun back into Hogwarts, where spiders dropped down and squirted water at us, then you were back into a simulator again. I was amazed.

The shops around Hogwarts looked so real, with the Hogsmeade pub selling Butterbeer, capes and replicas of the wands in the shops. For a fanatic, this is heaven.

This holiday was just what I needed, but I would liked to have used the house a bit more than we did, due to the long days. People who know me say I’m nocturnal, which I have to agree with. If you see what time I blog my posts then you will understand. On this holiday, as Florida was 5 hours behind London GMT time, I was tired at 11 o’clock at night, which is a rare occurence, and I woke up at 9/10 am practically everyday. I was so proud of myself! I was normal for a change. Coming back I haven’t been so good. The jet lag has caught up with me and I’m back to how I was before. Damn.

We went to New York again!! I was happy with the half an hour stop there, thanks to the 4 hour wait for our connection flight. We just walked into Times Square past all the thousands of people, which was a change from the 8 hour flight we just had. It was an added bonus.

On the big screen in Times Square