Yeah, finishing uni and looking for something to do over the next 5 month summer break, alongside all the drama that has gone on, has made me grow as a person.

A leopard can’t change its spots, so it’s always going to be the same old story for me.. Until someone comes along and breaks the pattern.  This realisation has been enough. Acting upon it is showing improvements too, I’m proud.

Leopard Changing Spots

Looking for a job, I just applied everywhere and anywhere, mainly looking at non-paid summer placements and work experience related to Journalism. Surprisingly, I’ve got responses. One is to work at Wolverhampton City Radio, and I will be actively involved with the running and presenting. The other is a 3 month volunteer internship with Banardos, being a Marketing and Communications Pathway Volunteer. This is if i survive the interview. Oh and another is working for CSV Action joint with the BBC West Midlands, to raise awareness in the community. That sounds good. I just don’t know which one to go for.


I’ve found it hard to find companies that will accept students in their first year at university, but these three seem the best ones available, relating to Journalism. I just decided I best make use of my spare time, especially as a job in the media is so competitive. The more experience I get, the more chance of getting a better job at the end of my degree, and a better grade too.

I think everything is just me coming to terms with the fact I’m growing up. Everyone’s had it or will sooner or later, but I realised I needed to change to gain maturity. I just hope I can last it out!

Laura Izibor – Shine